Hearty Ramen Fast.

Our Story

Ramen Monster is the brainchild of Chef KT and his wife, Eileen. They both love ramen ( japanese wheat noodles served in a special broth with vegetables and meat) but found that good ramen in Singapore was simply too expensive for everyday people. Not everyone could afford a $15 to $25 bowl of noodles everyday. Ironically, ramen is very affordable in Japan. It is a favored staple of many, from white collared workers to laborers; from old folks to young children.  With this in mind, Chef KT and his wife sought to open a ramen shop with this simple objective: fun, fast and fantastic ramen at a great price for all to enjoy everyday.
Chef KT and Eileen had always envisioned a place where people could be themselves and have fun. Instead of the rather “buttoned up” traditional Japanese theme with wooden sliding doors, paper windows, bamboo finishings, and dim lighting, they wanted a place that was inviting, warm and light hearted for everyone to enjoy.  They envisioned Ramen Monster – a place where guests would be treated like family.
The characters Mana, Kane, Tomo, Toshi and Yuki were created to reflect a colorful, cheeky, happy, and healthy family.   While thinking of a name that best described the colorful theme and the fun characters,  their son Austin came to Eileen’s mind.  They endearingly refer to Austin as their little ‘monster’ because of his cheeky and mischievous nature.  So, their new eatery was appropriately named Ramen Monster.
Hmmm … come to think about it … do you see a resemblance between Ramen Monster Kane and Austin (below) ?